Product news . World’s First “I” Integrated Augmented Reality Helmet Systems

LONDON, UK – October 2, 2013 – The World’s only Rear Vision helmet manufacturer, Reevu, have now invented and developed another World first: a commercially viable fully functioning Intelligent Helmet with internal augmented reality display within the internationally accepted standards envelope.

“Unlike a great deal of the proposed augmented reality systems populating the internet, this development won’t reside on a drawing board.”

Reevu’s development engineers have invented and built a World first by utilizing their knowhow and internationally registered patents to develop the World’s first internally housed augmented reality helmet device. “The knowhow gathered over the many years in assembling complicated Optical devices into articles of headgear while enhancing their impact resistive capability is the technological advance in which Reevu is leading the World”. The compact Multiple Reflective Optical Systems.  

M.R.OP.S is one of the inventions that enable a fully functioning Helmet that can deliver information without eye strain or unnecessary distraction to the wearer. The invention can be integrated to accept a number of existing diagnostic and information enabling systems currently linked to the cluster pack of some of the latest bike designs. “We are primarily developing the product to fit within Reevu’s product portfolio in the motorsports sector however further products are on the drawing board utilizing the invention.” – Markus S. Engineering team leader.

“This invention takes the Reevu business into a $500 billion mobile communications market, as we negotiate with a number of companies to spin out the innovation into a number of business sectors utilizing our commercially available optical system. If you need H.U.D. communications systems in an article of headgear, we have the commercially viable answer” – Graham Steele, marketing sales Director Reevu.


To read more about current models of Rear Vision Helmets http://www.reevu.com

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